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Media Misquoted Mutharika: He Talked of ‘Zitcheche’ A Lomwe Word For Yams Not ‘Zitete’

Recordings of President Mutharika political rally at Limbuli has shown that Media coverage stating that Mutharika had said Malawians should eat Zitete as a way of coping with hunger was a misrepresentation of facts and not true. According to a televised speech which we have watched from one of the local TV stations, Mutharika shared his own experience during his

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Libidinous Norwegian Ambassador To Malawi Fathers A Child Out Of Wedlock With The Dfid Head

  Information coming in has exposed a diplomatic extra-marital affair which has cost the marriage of Norwegian ambassador. In what can be termed as first diplomatic romantic scandal ever in the history of Malawi, our sources have revealed that the Norwegian Ambassador to Malawi, HE Kikkan Haugen has broken up with his long time wife after she discovered that the

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