Sidik Mia Planning Assassination Of Lazarus Chakwera To Take Over MCP Leadership: Gets Funding From Arab Emirs

Mia plans to assasinate CHakwera

Barely days after his wife attacked the family of former President Bakili Muluzi calling them illirates and non muslim faithfuls, wife to Sidik Mia  is at it again with recent revelations coming to this publication that Mohammed Sidik Mia is planning to assassinate Lazarus Chakwera, who is the president of opposition Malawi Congress Party, in order to rise to the position of MCP president.

According to a leaked conversation we have in our possession, Abida Mia confided with her relations that Sidik Mia has joined MCP to rise to the top leadership and eliminate Chakwera if MCP is to be voted into power, so that Mia becomes the MCP president and in return islamize the Malawi nation.

Mia has accused the Bakili Muluzi of failing to make Malawi an islamic state by having a working relationship with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and to make their plans run smoothly, SIdik Mia is on record to be getting funding from Arab country’s emir to fund MCP into power and a deal has been strike that once MCP is voted into power, Arab mafias will work on a plan to eliminate CHakwera and make sure that Mia takes over and becomes Malawi President.

Mr. Baila from the lower states where Sidik Mia comes from has revealed that as a way of achieving his plans, Mia has infiltrated the MCP NEC and made sure that CHakwera appoints people who are loyal to Mia and replacing the old guds in MCP as a way of consolidation power.




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