MCP Supporters Hiding As CSO’s Organize Demos Against Govt Provision Of Free ARVs, FISP , Development Projects

MCP supporters to take part as CSO in the coming demos

Opposition Malawi Congress Party supporters hiding as  civil society  groups, faith groups, and individual human rights and governance defenders have organised demonstrations slated for  27 April 2018 as the day when they will march  across the country against government provision of free ARVs to those affected with HIV/AIDS, Farm input Subsidy Program (FISP) which benefits poor Malawians who can’t afford farm inputs and other development plans which are meant to benefit rural Malawians through funding to the 193 constituencies  just to frustrate government efforts of uplifting lives of Malawians.

MCP supporters in some CSO reached Malawi Congress Of Trade Union leadership to join them but their offer was turned down sayn the demonstrations are politically motivated and they will not help a poor Malawian in anyway.

There have been fears that such protests would result in bloodshed as those organising are agents of opposition Malawi Congress party.


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