JB Gets Punished For Her Cash gate Sins: Her VX V8 Burns In NK

JB car Burns

Former President Joyce Banda who is now in exile for close to four years running away for her cash gate crimes is being punished by God for letting innocent Malawians suffer for her sins,with the latest being the burnt of her Toyota VX V8, which met it’s gate on Tuesday evening in Nkhatabay.

Reports indicate that around 9 p.m. on Tuesday around Kavuzi Area, the driver saw on the dashboard that the car indicated a fault sign and stopped in the process.

Few minutes later, the car started burning in the full view of him and the former and only Malawian’s first gentleman who was being driven on this particular time .

Richard Banda is on record to have gone to this area to witness burial of his brother who passed on some days ago.



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