Return Of A Dictator Worse Than Kamuzu Banda: Rise And Fall Of Chakwera

Portrait of Chakwera

Reverend Chakwera came on Malawi’s political scene with swagger and pomp, swaying about with a Negro American accent of the American slums, posing like the Malawi Head of State and deluding himself with state of the nation addresses and insulting President Professor Peter Mutharika and other Malawians as constituting “a government of educated fools.”

All that was to prop his image into something bigger than what the man really is, which is how dictators are born.

It is those who inwardly know that they don’t deserve to lead that they maintain power by force and oppressing others.

The thing is – Chakwera knows inside himself that he is intellectually, morally and spiritually empty but he has to make up his public image by posing big.

In order to understand Chakwera, you must prob and discern the psychology of a failure who keeps denying his failure.

Let us begin with Chakwera Chancellor College student who studied Bachelor of Arts Humanities and graduated in Philosophy. Does Chakwera strike you as being philosophical in any way?

Chakwera as a  young man, he decided to make a fortune out of the Word of God. He joined the CCAP as a pastor.

But when the Church sent him abroad for a Masters, he abandoned the programme the CCAP Church had sent him there for.

He sniffed money in Pentecostalism because when this movement was just coming to Africa, it came with philanthropists who blew in a storm of money beating erstwhile traditional churches like Presbyterians, Catholics and Seventh Days.

Chakwera was fired from CCAP. He quickly jumped into the ship of Assemblies of God and elders such as Reverend Makata welcomed him.

Chakwera was one of the few educated pastors in the Church and became one of its leaders.

He became President of the Church, but a President with a chain of scandals.

He stole church property, oppressed pastors, slept with their wives and intimidated them with dismissals. Any Assemblies of God pastor with the courage for truth will tell you this story.

Pastor Chikwanje tells a sad story of how he suffered stroke and became paralysed for life after, his wife abandoned him after Reverend Chakwera fired him as a pastor.

Chikwanje’s crime? He exposed Chakwera that he was stealing donation money meant for a church project at the station where Pastor Chikwanje served. Pastor Chikwanje still lives in Machinjiri and he has gone on record with his lamentations.

Chakwera committed many more crimes against the Church, including fraudulently changing ownership of the Area 9 House from church to person, changing ownership of the church radio and TV station to a family business, stealing money from the Assemblies of God Press – a case for which the General Manager of the Press was fired before he went back to Court to prove that “Ndalama anadya ndi a Chakwera”. The Church was ordered by the Court to pay K100 million for dismissing the General Manager unfairly and this case is being defended by lawyer Ambokile Salim who shields Chakwera.

One more pastor in Nkhotakota speaks of his ordeal of being fired by Reverend Chakwera after the later was caught in the act with the pastor’s wife. In fact, Dr Hetherwick Ntaba, whose wife used to a Secretary for Chakwera, also has a story to tell.

In any case, there is a young lady in Balaka who was born out of wedlock for Reverend Chakwera.

Chakwera’s presidency of the Church was a miserable failure. He only survived the years by terrorising those who dared to speak truth about him.

The Church was planning to fire him when he jumped again to join politics.

The result is what we are all seeing – embezzling party funds and constructing a mansion for himself, firing his critics from the party without following the Constitution and unleashing bloodthirsty youths to terrorise those who stand for truth and constitutionalism.

Now Chakwera faces a battle on three fronts: in court, in Parliament and at the next Convention. He will not survive.

One comment

  • Am anxious to see what happens next. When MCP scooped almost all the contested seats in the last by election; most people pegged this oldest party to the top. People were talking, that MCP may form the next government; unfortunately not any more….

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