Power Hungry Sidik Mia Changes Tune:’ I Will Torpedo MCP VEEP’

Road to destruction

Some members of parliament for the opposition Malawi Congress party as well as party stalwarts have expressed their worry about the conduct of Sidiki Mia who is tenaciously fighting for position of party vice president without showing any respect for current VEEP Richard Msowoya

What is surprising many is how Mia has grown big wings and preside over a party function despite being not holding position in the party citing his recent press conference he held a couple of days ago where he unveiled MCP aspirants for the 2019 tripartite elections,,

Many are echoing this concern and fear that his gargantuan appetite for power could cost the party northern votes

Some believe if he is not properly checked he can even go further and plot to topple Chakwera at the party’s convention because he uses his money to buy power as he has demonstrated before ,

The function where aspiring MPs were announced was held in the south and in fact it should have been the responsibility of MCPs vice president Mr Lombola not Sidik Mia,,.this is.a clear demonstration that the cash strapped party doesn’t care about who joins it but all that the party leadership wants is money
At the moment the party is involved in internal wrangles which started when Lazrus Chakwera fired from the party Hon Jessie Kabwila,, Felix Jumbe.and other long serving members and he only listens to his errand boy Eisenhower Mkaka ,, a show of promoting cronyism in the party

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