Fisher Kondowe Denies Joining MCP, Embarrases Sidik Mia:Says He Is Independent

I am Independent not MCP: Fisher

Seasoned footballer and chamba smoker for Nyasa Big Bullets Fisher Jahman Kondowe who was recently unveiled by MCP power hungry Sidik Mia as a parliamentarian candidate for Blantyre City South, has rejected Malawi Congress Party and embarrassed its member by disassociating himself from the crocodiles party of death and darkness.

In an interview with one of the local radios, Fisher Kondowe openly said he will contest as an independent MP and that he was only called to the Sidik Mia press conference to discuss few issues with him and hear his message to the people who he had called.

This comes barely days after Mia unveiled him at a Press briefing which he conducted in Blantyre.

Kondowe further said he is ready to work with everyone as an Independent aspirant hoping to change the lives of the youth and that includes working with ruling DPP, whether MCP or UDF but he is not attached to any political grouping.

This means that Sidik Mia has made MCP followers fools and that he lies to them as evident by Jah man’s confession.





  • Fisher Kondowe refuses to be bought by DPP dirty money: ‘I am 100% MCP’
    Malawian Watchdog / Malawian Watchdog / 1 hour ago

    BLANTYRE (Malawian Watchdog)—Fisher Kondowe, Nyasa Big Bullets veteran player who recently joined the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and is aspiring to run on MCP ticket in Blantyre City South Constituency, has showed how disciplined he is after refusing to be lured by ‘dirty’ money to join the ruling Democratic Progressive Party.

    Kondowe and son to Bakili Muluzi, Francis Muluzi, were one one of the notable members who joined MCP during a meeting which seasoned politician Sidik Mia organized in Blantyre on Tuesday.

    Sensing that Mia is determined in his efforts of impregnating the southern region with MCP; the ruling DPP, which thinks the region is impregnable has launched an operation of undoing what Mia is doing.

    Yesterday, a DPP operative Rashid Gafa was seen with Fisher Kondowe coercing him to dump MCP and join DPP.

    Soon party president Peter Mutharika will organize a rally in Blantyre and Gafa wants Kondowe to announce his defection to DPP at this rally.

    Kondowe was then offered millions of Kwachas for the deal but to the dismay of Gafa, Kondowe declined the ‘dirty’ money telling him in the face that “I am 100% MCP.”

    The ruling DPP is in total state of confusing as Mia is slowly but surely breaking the DPP political firewalls.

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  • This story is biased,go back to school mr writer.One thing that u have to know,mr writer,is that emotions distort the truth-u could be writing the reality but emotional diction u r using in your article,in my strong conviction,r making it less trustworthy and millions miles away from independence, this unprofessional mr/mrs writer

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