The World Responds To Bushiri’ Church Closure In Botswana:Calls Him A Magician, Conman

Bushiri dry cleaned

People across the world have responded to the closure of Bushiri’ church in Botswana, with the majority calling for his arrest for his crooked ways and labeling him as a conman and magician.

Here are some of the comments from an article which has featured on BBC about the shutting down of his church in Botswana.

“That guy is a fake prophet with simple magic tricks. Even I can perform some of his tricks and illusions, people are just gullible. He steals from people and is busy buying private jets with church funds, it’s good that magician has been shut down.“

Another reader write ,”My President HE Seletse Ian Khama once challenged anyone who have been healed by Bushiri or any of the so called man of God, And they have medical records to prove that they were terminally ill, to come forward and he will give that person P100 000…and guess what, no one came forward.”

“Closing the church is not the best option to me and as I have always said. He should be arrested and send to life imprisonment for legally stealing from good people”

“The only “miracle” this guy can make happen is that money wanders from the pockets of his followers into his own.”

All SADC countries must follow suit and ban all these charlatans from exploiting gullible people.“

One comment

  • I would really lv all countries in africa and abroad to follow suit. Thanx botswana for having a good and not greedy president like what we c in ather african countries.

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