Red Card For Bushiri, ECG In Botswana: Govt Deregisters Church

ECG deregistered In Botswana

PROPHET Bushiri’s church has suffered a major blow with the closure of its Botswana branch.

According to the Botswana Gazette, the government has closed the Enlightened Christian Gathering branch in the country.

The church is allegedly involved in the making of what they call “miracle money”, which the government of Botswana considers illegal.

Church officials in Botswana have allegedly appealed to the government to reconsider the decision.

Many people from Botswana and South Africa took to Twitter to express their joy.

@Franix_Forever tweeted: “It’s not just Bushiri’s church that got closed down. Last month we closed another one by a Zambian prophet in his 20s. He was making a lot of money and drove the latest Range Rover. These fake prophets have made our people poorer.”

@RealSugar_Foot tweeted: “Bushiri’s church is closed? Thank you, Jesus!”

However, not everyone was pleased.

Tiro Sedimo said on Facebook: “Jesus Christ was persecuted, so why not Bushiri? Whether he’s a true man of God is not my problem. I’m not the judge.”

Julia Baikananyi wrote: “If this is true, then that would be the greatest mistake they ever made. They will regret it.”

The Enlightened Church Gathering was not available for comment.

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