Chakwera Has Done Nothing For Malawians Apart From Insulting APM Past Three Yrs: Our Votes For Mutharika

20 Malawi MPs face prosecution over abuse of constituency funds: Arrests could start after House adjourns Friday

As 2019 is drawing closer, it is high time we start looking at what our leaders both in government and opposition benches have doe for the development of this nation and improving the lives of over 17 million Malawians.

It is so interesting to note that at a time President Peter Mutharika was running the affairs of this country without donors, Chakwera did nothing for Malawians apart from responding to Mutharika’s speeches and insulting him.

During the three years time  that President Mutharika’s government was constructing the Kasiya-Santhe Road which the Malawi Congress Party failed to construct for 30 years, Chakwera and his praise team saw nothing but insulted Mutharika and did nothing for Malawians.

When President Arthur Peter Mutharika and the DPP were making sure that Malawians continued to enjoy FISP despite numerous challenges and managing the disaster victims for two consecutive years, making sure that enough food was stocked in the country, Lazarus Chakwera was over the moon castigating the President and doing nothing to help Malawians or atleast take an initiative to develop this country together with the current leadership.

Indeed the past three years have been fruitful for Arthur Peter Mutharika’s leadership with the inflation rate reaching a single digit, fuel pump prices maintained and road networks being made across the country, this was the time Chakwera saw that Mutharika’s regime was doing nothing and hoped that he could fool Malawians.

2019 is fast approaching, as Malawians we will vote based on what our leaders have done to uplift our lives, Malawians can no longer be fooled by cheap talk when we have been able to see the fruits of Mutharika’s being in power.

Now the simple question is, what has Chakwera done for us Malawians to deserve our votes in 2019?While APM was busy running the country, a mad opposition dog was busy insulting our leader and we have seen nothing from him.


  • William Justin Banda

    What did Peter do in the past b4 2014 to deserve our votes in 2014??
    What did Bingu do in the past to deserve our votes in 2004??
    Kkkkkkk DPP writers think twice before writing such no sense!!

  • Wananyongo Violet

    Chakwera has never insulted APM. Always the truth has been said. APM is a criminal, robber, gangster, murderer so as the DPP is a party of thieves, gangsters, criminals, robbers and murderers.

  • High education does not mean one can make a good leader. People are born leaders.

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