AFORD Former President Enock Chihana Disrupts Convention Meeting

Cash gate was Joyce Bandas policy: CHihana

former President of AFORD Enock Kamzingeni katola Phiri Chihana once again has disrupted a duly convened convention committee chaired by Hon Christopher Ritchie former Secretary General of AFORD .

The The meeting was originally supposed to take place at the gardens of ice cream centre in lilongwe .

The meeting was disrupted by Enock chihanas agents led by The national campaign Director Bowoyeke munthali and comprised of martha chiume the self styled vice President , ernest kondowe and the notorious youth governor wisdom Gondwe .

The committee then moved to Crown plaza hotel where the gang followed again .

This is in total defiance of the court order granted by Justice Charles mkandawire .

Enock chihana the son of multiparty advicate and fighter claims that the father asked him to protect the party from confunists like Wallace chiume and khwauli msiska according to the voice clip circulating on the social media .

Meanwhile mr Richie is determined to continue with the meeting .

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