PAC Demands Back Its K 6 Mn From 12 Greedy MCP  MPs Over 50+1 Flop

Quasi religious body grouping Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has demanded back about K 6 million from twelve greedy  opposition MPs after failing to pass the 50+1 bill in parliament.

On Wednesday this week, PAC met the twelve parliamentarians at Ufulu gardens to help  them lobbying for 50+1 electoral reforms in parliament.

The names of the twelve greedy Parliamentarians are :

  1. Madalitso Kazombo
  2. Ezekiel Ching’oma
  3. Max Thyolera
  4. Richard Chimwendo
  5. Dzoole Mwale
  6. Harry Mkandawire
  7. Noel Chimpeni
  8. Madalitso Kazombo
  9. Peter Dimba
  10. Lingson Berekanyama
  11. Dzudzi Kusamba and
  12. Rhino Chiphiko

Other opposition MPs upon learning that fellow MPs had pocketed such huge amount of money (K 6mn) from PAC, a development which saw some MPs Absconding from the house during electora bills deliberations.

This worsened the matter further as the opposition block failed miserably on these bills.

Meanwhile, PAC through its Executive Director Robert Phiri has summoned the twelve opposition greedy MPs where they are expected to return the money.



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