He Who Has Not Sinned Let Him Throw Stones At Thom Chiumia…He Remains Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Thom Chiumia is innocent until proven guilty

Some prominent Malawian activists have poured scorn on Nyasatimes Editor Thom Chiumia, who is alleged to have raped a nanny at his UK home and was subsequently nabbed by Brits police.

The alleged rape has seen some activists already trying the star online editor of the scandal-reporting Nyasatimes.
Harsh words have been on Thom, from “disgusting” to ” I will kill a man who rapes an under age.”

The mainstream Malawi media has been condemned for being silent on the sensitive issue affecting one of their profession.

Some say the media is complicit in the saga by remaining quite.

We at Malawi Independent do understand the sentiments and sheer anger expressed by the activists and the public in general.

While we might not be on top of info regarding the alleged crime, we can only say that let’s not make hasty conclusions and outright condemn Thom for the deed which has yet to be proved by a competent court.

Let’s wait for the UK law to take its course.By saying this, we are not all defending Thom but our stand is that he remains innocent until proven guilty.

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