Sabir Aboobaker Arrested For Theft:Dupe Malawian MK 70 Mn

Sabir Aboobaker Arrested For Theft:Dupe Malawian MK 70 Mn

A British businessman of Malawian origin Sabir ABOOBAKER, has been arrested for theft by trick by CID branch of the Malawi Police.

Verified information indicates that it all started on August 7, this year, when Sabir Aboobaker approached a vendor in Limbe to sell him all of his goods.

Upon reaching an agreement, the vendors told Sabir Aboobaker to visit his business premises to value the goods. Sabir was accompanied by an associate known as Yusuf Bhana.

Bhana been familiar with the goods inspected them alongside Sabir in order to make an offer. Bhana advised Sabir that the goods were gold in the local market.

After some negotiations Sabir offered the vendor K70 million and the vendor accepted.
Sabir promised to pay the next day after collection. Sabir quickly bought new locks for the containers holding the goods and took the keys with him.

The following day Sabir came to the vendors premises with almost 15 of his workers and scooped all the goods in the presence of all the vendors stuff.

Days lapsed without receiving any payment from Sabir. The vendor made several requests for his payment but to no avail. In this period Sabir had already begun selling the goods at less than market value.

When the vendor began to pursue him, Sabir quickly approached the vendors brother, requesting him to return the goods as he cannot find a market for them, or the vendor accepts K20million from the K70million previously agreed upon.

The vendor was puzzled at such an unreasonable offer, and so called for a meeting with Sabir to state that he could not accept any returns of the goods because they were sold as a complete package.

Two weeks later Sabir claimed he dropped off all the goods without any formal handover. When the vendor heard this he quickly went to inspect the goods and was shocked to see only half the goods had been returned.

This frustrated the vendor and Sabir was not able to be reached, thus the vendor had no option but to report the goods stolen. A warrant of arrest then followed for Sabir which saw him finally arrested at his Mudi 39 address on Saturday 12th November.

Crooked Sabir was then taken to court on November, 15 and later given bail after cooperating with the police to recover the goods he had stolen by trick and sold while waiting for the next caught appearance

Malawi Voice understands that part of bail his conditions, the court ordered him to pay K2million bond, surrender his passport as well as report to Blantyre Police Station every Friday.

Sabir ABOOBAKER is a partner at Magnum foods limited company registered number 03725427 located at 31 London Street, Leicester, LE5 3RH.

Sabir will appear in court again on December, 7 to answer theft charges, if convicted he faces 7 years in prison.

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