‘Educated Fool Chakwera’ Still Nursing Elections Loss Wounds:Delivers Speech Full Of Hate,Anger ,No Hope

Chakwera bitter with MCP’s election loss in 2014

Leader of opposition who for the past years was masquerading as man of God to steal from offerings and oppress his subordinates is still nursing the wounds of elections loss from the 2014 elections which President Arthur Peter Mutharika emerged a winner.

It  is evident from the speech which Chakwera delivered in parliament in response to President Mutharika’s speech, which was full of anger, hate and giving no hope to Malawians who are able to see the progress of DPP government for the three years it has been in power.

Government Chief Whip has warned Dr Chakwera that government benches will not allow him to continue insulting the country’s state president Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika

Mussa said this outside the Parliament in an interview to the press that he is very Disappointed with Dr Chakwera, who all along he use to respect as man of God for his continue hatred speech towards Muntharika

Mussa, one of very few long serving MPs in the house was reacting to Dr Chakwera speech made in Parliament in response to Muntharika SONA

He said Dr Chakwera speech was full of nothing but anger hurt, insults towards the president which is against the law of the house as standing order 97 don’t allow MPs to reflect on it’s president

Mussa says if Dr Chakwera anger is to do with leadership he must wait for 2019 when Malawians shall speak through ballot paper

He said it has been a tradition for Dr Chakwera of late to use the house immunity by insulting the country’s president and he views that he will not allow that to continue in the house as rulers has to her followed.

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