JB Hand Picks ‘Homie..Puppet’ Ralph Mhone As PP Acting President : Son Roy To Take Over

Joyce Banda finishing PP in exile

People’s Party President and fugitive former Malawi President now in exile Joyce Banda has hand picked  homeboy Nkhata Bay Central Member of Parliament (MP), Ralph Mhone, as the party’s leader in Parliament replacing Salima South MP Uladi Mussa who was fired as its acting president and  from his position as vice-president responsible for the Central Region.

Mhone will lead PP in the House deputised by Mzimba North MP Agness Nyalonje.

PP national executive committee (NEC) fired Mussa from his positions in the party following recommendations made by the party’s disciplinary committee over his sentiments that the party’s president Joyce Banda’s term had expired.

Publicity secretary for PP , Noah Chimpeni, said the party maintains its stand that Mussa was fired from his position in the party and that he is now an ordinary member.

Chimpeni said they are hopeful Mhone, a practising lawyer, will put the party interest to “greater heights”.

Mussa said he is not worried about the change but said  the party is planning to hold a convention at which he will contest for the presidency.

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