Mayor Sales LL City To Foreigners: Elects Illegal Immigrants To Make City Plans Leaving Out Malawians

Yesterday I appointed a team of community Ambassadors who will promote participation of the general public in the development plans of the city of Lilongwe through my office. The mayor’s advisory board has been established with the aim of enhancing Lilongwe City Council’s initiative to bridge the gap between the council and residents in the city of Lilongwe.

Names of foreigner ambassadors to make plans on behalf of Malawians who elected Desmond Bikoko into power when the foreigners he has sold the city to were not there are as follows:

  • Zhuo Shui – Chinese Community
  • Tony Karim – Indian Community

  • Mylord Jere – Malawian Community

  • Mwosu Ken – Nigerian Community

  • Vincent Mugase – Rwandese Community

  • Emmanuel Munyeragwe – Burundi Community

  • Vincent Ndamage Rwandese Business Community

Community Ambassadors will serve an advisory role on strategies to improve issues that are affecting citizens in their respective communities, and contribute to development initiatives in the city. Among other things, highlight challenges in their respective societies, and advocate for support of Lilongwe City Council’s by-laws, construction standards and various projects .The board members are elected leaders from various ethnic groups in society including Malawian, Nigerian, Rwandan, Chinese, Indian and Burundi communities.

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