TA Chadza Rebuffs Crooked Chakwera’s MK 80,000 Bribe: Tells MCP Leader That He Is Not A Sellout

TA Chadza rebulfs Chakwera’s bribe

Crocodile Party President Lazarus Chakwera had a rude awakening when he tried to bribe Traditional Authority of Chadza of Lilongwe, only to be embarrassed when the Traditional leader rejected Chakwera’s bribe and other material things, telling him in the face that as a leader, Chadza is not a political sellout.

Chakwera is on record to have visited TA Chadza headquarters where he wanted to ask for a venue to conduct a political rally for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in the coming weeks.

As a leader for everyone, TA Chadza gave a positive node to Chakwera and cohorts that he was welcomed in the area to conduct a political.

However, TA Chadza and his counsellors were surprised when Chakwera gave out MK 80,000, a bag or Rice, bag of Beans and a bail of sugar.

When TA Chadza asked Chakwera what the money and the things were for or if they were for their political rally, Lazarus without shame told TA Chadza that the money and the things were a payback for been given a venue in his territory.

This development did not please the Chief and his servants who told Chakwera that they are not up for sell and asked him to take his things back and he must not insult their integrity thinking that he cannot be given a venue in the area without bribing them.

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