Prophet Bushiri Preaching The Gospel Beyond Imagination As Weekend Service Pulls About 500 000 People From Across The Globe

Bushiri preaching to over 500,000 people in Pretoria

Growth figures of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church continue to record history with the recent weekend service in Pretoria attracting about 500 000 people across the world.

The open ground, which the service was held on, was not even enough so much that space had to be cleared on the main car pack to give room for people to partake the service.

The growth figure, quite an unprecedented, represents yet another giant step in the history of ECG’s appeal and reach, a phenomenal leap in spreading the gospel.

Speaking during the opening sermon of the service Friday night, Prophet Bushiri underlined that the world, out there, should not just see ‘these figures, but individuals—the quest for the gospel’.

“God is still saying something to our generation. He is speaking that through His people and I am glad that, everyday, our ministry continue to attract thousands that want to hear what God is saying,” he said.

To him, the growth figures do not necessarily excite him because they represent the continued growth of his ministry; rather, they represent the hunger for the gospel of Jesus out there and he is happy that God is using him as an instruments of feeding the hunger.

The service—which was also graced by Prophet Bushiri spiritual father, UK-based Prophet Uebert Angel and also Prophet Jeremiah Omotto from Nigeria—has been hailed by various congregants as a weekend when Pretoria got close to the power of God.

South Africa based but Malawian born Timothy Chirwa, who attended ECG for the first time this weekend, was speechless when our publication sought his views about the service.

Prophet Bushiri preaching to thousands

After some minutes, he cleared his throat saying: “Saturday morning, I saw these pictures of the figures on his Facebook page; so I came here to see for myself and also partake the gospel. I am no longer.

“Prophet Bushiri came close to where I was standing, he touched me and told me receive Christ for God has great things in store for me. I have given my life to Christ and I feel free and encouraged.”

Chirwa said he could hardly believe that this was indeed Prophet Bushiri in Malawi, saying: “This can only be God. I saw him in Mzuzu—a small city in Malawi where ECG started—but seeing him here attracting these millions is something else. It indeed can only be God.”

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