Shepherd Bushiri Hotels Construction Attracts South Korean Multi-Billion Investors

Under construction

A team of South Korean billionaires and investors has described Prophet Shepherd Bushiri as one of Africa’s biggest success story both as a man of God and an investor.

The team recently visited and toured Prophet Bushiri’s Prayer Mountain hotel development site in Rustenburg, South Africa, which is managed by Shepherd Bushiri (SB) Hotels, a subsidiary of Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI) Limited.

  • Bushiri and the Korean investors

    Wolnm Kim, the group leader, said they had heard so much about Prophet Bushiri, as such, they came to pay a courtesy call.

“We are business people and investors. We have read so much about Prophet Bushiri’s ministry and investments so we came to meet him and see what he is doing. Africa is lucky to have such a man; our prayer is that the continent should have many of his dream to develop,” he said.

He added that he was impressed with the hotel construction and the entire dream that Prophet Bushiri has.
“He is young, he is ambitious and he is a man of God. Seriously, Africa need to support such people. They are Africa’s future,” he said.

At the site, Prophet Bushiri is, according to his communications director Ephraim Nyondo, building ‘one of the most fantastic hotels in the world’.

“We are still at construction phase but we have big dreams. This is our Prayer Mountain site where different people will be come to pray with us—as such, we need to provide the people with descent levels of hospitality and relaxation,” said Nyondo.

He added that the visit of the South Koreans is only a demonstration of the faith and confidence people out there have in our ministry and works.
“South Korea is not average country. It is one of the world’s fastest growing economy and, every year, they are producing billionaires who are eager to partner with other investors in Africa.

“The people that visited us are great business men and women. Their coming to view our project and takes notes from us was just humbling and, at the same time, encouraging,” he said.

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