Greedy CSO’s Exposed Of Wanting To Milk DPP In The Name Of Blue Night Contributions Refund Dialogue

DPP and CSO Dialogue Collapsed as a result of self-serving on the part of the CSOs not national interest. CSOS are only interested in getting a share from the money dpp received from the said Parastatal.

GCK Cameras have uncovered and established that the main reasons for the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) dialogue with the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on the blue night have collapsed is as a result of selfish interest on the part of other CSO leaders than national serving.

GCK Investigation has revealed that contrary to the assertions that the CSOs wanted to serve the public interest the motive was to gain cheap publicity and also have a share of the resource from the DPP. From the word go when these issues emerged, GCK Cameras believed the motives of the CSOs until when the issue of dialogue started.

To begin with, some members from within the CSOs were more focused on getting publicity rather than sorting out the issue. This was manifested through how the media was manipulating the whole issue and with the CSOs failing to agree to have one spokesperson but every individual for himself and at times contradicting each other.

GCK Cameras has established that the first meeting between the two parties took place on 1st September 2017 at Capital Hotel which according to the letter from the CSOs demanded that it should be in camera.

It was a surprise to both parties to find out that two journalist walked into the meeting.

Either side expressed ignorance as to who invited the members of the media until Gift Trapence of Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP) confessed to be the one that invited the journalists contrary to the spirit of why dialogue was initiated.

In the said meeting, DPP Secretary General explained to the CSOs that the famous ‘Zachamba’ was quoted out of context and both parties agreed to move on for the sake of the dialogue.

However, it was shocking that before a joint communique which was agreed by both parties to be issued, the media was already reporting what had transpired from inside and all this was a machinations of Trapence.

GCK Cameras have communication that has been going between the two parties of which the CSOs were demanding that the DPP must pay for their accommodation, allowances and travel to dialogue from Mzuzu including their lawyer see photo labeled (Two) point number 4, see also page labeled three in red circled areas. Ironically, our check shows that the party sponsored CSOs using the very same money it raised on the Blue Night by lodging them at Four Star Golden Peacock Hotel in Lilongwe and were paid allowances and fuel refund from the same money that the CSOs are demanding that the DPP must pay back. The CSOs request to DPP to pay for accommodation and other expenses was expressly put in black and white by the CSO lawyer who is also acting as their secretariat. (See the same pages)

GCK cemeras question the sincerity of the CSOs in joining to eat the very money that they are demanding that the DPP must refund see page labeled four. Are the CSOs just not bitter that they are not eating with the DPP and have finally find a way of enjoying the same cake? Refer page labeled five from their lawyer.

Furthermore, GCK Cameras have established that while the case was being pushed by five organizations namely CHRR, CEDEP, YAS, Church and Society of Livingstonia and HRCC, during the meeting the CSOs brought in Mrs. Dorothy Ngoma who does not belong to any of the organization involved and suddenly found herself at the dialogue table. So was Mr. Billy Mayaya.

GCK Cameras has also established that the CSOs through their lawyer Wesley Mwafulirwa demanded that the next meeting must be held on Friday 08th September 2017 and also made similar demands that the DPP must provide accommodation, travel and allowances. Refer to page labeled One. In response to this demand, the DPP raised three issues as precondition to the second meeting with the CSOs. These included that the Lawyer for CSOs must first satisfy the agreement of the first meeting of which a joint communique was supposed to be written and released to the public which was not done. The second was on the clarification of other people from CSOs who were not part of the five organizations involved. The third was the DPP asking the CSOs to meet their own cost towards dialogue.

These three conditions angered the CSOs who in their meeting agreed to sort out clarification from the DPP or risk the dialogue process being stopped. However, to amazement of other members within the CSOs, before a final position was agreed upon, the following day newspapers carried out stories that the CSOs have withdrawn from dialogue. GCK cameras can equally confirm that the Daily Times has shown keen interest and with the help of Trapence has been carrying out misleading headlines on the saga. The Cameras have established that the CSOs have never filed any court case on the matter yet the Daily Times headline “CSOs Back to Court” was misinforming.

Based on the foregoing, GCK Cameras would therefore like to pause very critical questions to the CSOs. In whose interest is the whole process of demanding that the DPP must refund the money from the Blue Night? How do the CSOs justify in spending the very same money that the DPP collected from the public through Hotel Accommodation, fuel and allowances? Are these threats on the DPP not just a ploy to blackmail the party to bribe the CSOs to silence? Why is it important for the likes of Gift Trapence to be wanting to outshine fellow members of the CSO in talking to the media disregarding the agreement to talk to the press through a joint communique?

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