‘Politician’ IG Kachama Exposed:Works With MCP,Chakwera: Accuse Njobvuyalema Of Bitterness

A politician masquerading as Inspector General Lexten Kachama has been caught panits down and exposed to be working with main opposition Malawi Congress Party president Lazarus Chakwera to contest as member of parliament in Lilongwe South Mapuyu whose current MP is Joseph Njovuyalema.

 This comes barely days when the wife of the Inspector General of Police was caught in camera wearing MCP regalia, raising some fears that this could compromise the work of the police service.
Njovuyalema, Jessie Kabwila and other old gurus of the party  fell out of grace with Chakwera, the MCP President is looking for people to replace all those that fell out of favour with him, Inspector General of Police Lexten Kachama is one of them.
In the conversation between Kachama and a person whose identiy we have not established, the IG regrets to have involved himself in politics saying even his children are not happy with him.
He is also fearing for the worst from the government knowing that he has fucked up because he is not supposed to practice partisan politics.
In the conversation Kachama details how he and his former Personal Assistant officer Kawale who was transferred to Chitipa used to go to Chakwera’s Area 9 Residence in Lilongwe on his behalf to plan for his political moves.
Kawale drives Kachama’s personal vehicle when going to Chakwera’s residence. Kachama too has been meeting Chakwera at the Area 9 Residence.
He also asks the other person to ensure that his communication is deleted from the system. We don’t know whether he referred to police system or MCP system.
Chakwera: Has Been Meeting Kachama

Kachama also confirms that his wife was spotted at MCP rally and that the wife is now regretting for what she did.  He says he suspects that it was Njovuyalema that exposed his wife dressed in MCP colours at a rally because he is Chakwera’s plant in his constituency.

He reveals that Chakwera assured him that his boys would spin over the matter by writing articles protecting the wife and that the matter would be forgotten soon.
Highly placed police sources confided in us that Kachama whose contract ends next year has brought disgrace upon himself and the Malawi Police Service.
“This is unheard off. He will spoil his retirement. This shows that he is not a true police officer. He cannot be trusted. It means he is leaking state secrets to Chakwera. He should be fired immediately,” a senior police officer said.
Njobvuyalema: Has a new competitor in the name of Kachama

Another senior police officer at Area 30 police headquarters called on government to fire him or reassign him to Ministry of Home Affairs headquarters to finish his contract there and appoint one of the deputies to act as IG until  the expiry of his contract.

 We give you the what’s app conversation unedited as follows:
Kachama 1
Kachama 2
Kachama 3
Kachama 4
Kachama 5
Kachama 6
Kachama 7
Kachama 8

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