Kamuzu Banda Family Wants Ken Kandodo To Replace Chakwera As MCP President

Kandodo to replace CHakwera

Family members of Malawi sore dictator and once powerful leader who was self acclaimed Life President Hastings Kamuzu Kankwala Banda are working towards positioning Ken Kandodo Banda, a relative to the fallen tyrant who ruled Malawi for 31 years to replace Chakwera for the MCP presidency.

According to sources close to the Kamuzu Banda family and MCP diehards, they feel that Chakwera has failed to lead the party the way its long serving leader wanted it.

The family is accusing Chakwera of ignoring all MCP diehards and loyalists who have been replaced by strangers brought into the party by Chakwera.

As that is not enough,Chakwera is believed to be using MCP to amass a lot of wealth just few years he has lead the party he has turned himself into a billionare.

This contrary to the four corner stones which Kamuzu Banda set aside, the Kamuzu Banda feels Chakwera is making alot of fortunes in their name and they want a member close to the family to take over from Chakwera because he cannot stub his own people and will always respect those who worked with Kamuzu for MCP to be where it is.

Senior MCP officials are working towards reviving area committees which were vibrant in the time of Kamuzu Banda and have sort been advised by John Tembo to make sure that they work around the clock to have the party back in its old hands and let not a stranger take away what belongs to them.

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