PAC Praises Mutharika’ Govt For Implementing Some ‘Indaba Resolutions’

Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has come out, hailing the government for implementing the indaba resolutions which among them called for the arrest of former embattled Agriculture minister George Chaponda on corruption charges.

Fr Mulomole: What PAC conference recommended are being implemented

PAC spokesperson Father Peter Mulomole described the arrest of Chaponda as timely and relevant.

Chaponda was arrested on Wednesday by the graft busting body along with Transglobe boss, Rashid Tayub and Grain Traders Association chairman Grace Mijiga Mhango over their suspicious corrupt dealings in maize purchase from Zambia.

The High Court in Blantyre on Thursday refused to vacate a warrant of arrest issued by the ACB whilst a court in Liongwe granted Mhango bail condition she pays K100000 cash and two non cash sureties bonded at K2 million each, among other conditions.

Chaponda and Tayub were also freed on bail.

“One of the resolutions at the PAC meeting was that the state should arrest Dr Chaponda and this has been done. Another one was to have Chancellor College reopened and this was done too,” said Mulomole.

He asked the government to implement the remaining resolutions which include the opening up of Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.

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