Illovo Sugar Expatriates ill-Treating ‘Locals’:Same Grade,Different Conditions Because Of Skin Color

Nepotism takes over Illovo

Black workers at Illovo Sugar Malawi have complained against ill-treatment they are facing from their expatriate bosses, saying they are too harsh and nepotistic in nature, Malawi Independent has learnt.

According to sources privy to this publication, expatriates are reportedly treating black managers and employees of Malawian origin as slaves due to their skin color differences.’

It is on record that some Managers of ‘white’ origin are getting better treatment and favours from their fellow white bosses despite having same positions and qualifications for some field of operations.

As that is not enough, Illovo Sugar Malawi has frozen car scheme for its managers just because expatriates are not happy that local managers change vehicles very often unlike expatriates who use the vehicles for as long as it’s fit for use.

However, Malawi independent has established that the change of cars by some local managers is the only benefit for them as their salaries are very little compared to expatriates who gets double salaries.

Expatriates are paid twice, they get one salary in their local account and the other salary is deposited in their foreign accounts.

It is believed that Illovo Sugar wants their management to be in majority of the whites, as this has happened after Illovo has seen an influx of whites who are taking over jobs from locals.

Some top bosses are recruiting their sons and in-laws, for instance the Agriculture Manager whose son is managing FES Ltd and all illovo contracts are being renewed without following procedures .

This publication has also uncovered that some white managers are stopping those entitled to Toyota fortuner not to use them, saying it is expensive just because they are black when their conditions of service require them to use such vehicles.

Many black employees are losing jobs due to expensive machines which Illovo is buying from FES and being operated by whites despite poor performance of the machines compared to human work force.

Managers who are locals and questioning the ill-treatment taking place at Illovo Sugar Malawi have been warned of possible dismissal and unspecified actions, this has resulted in many locals dying in silence for fear of their jobs.

This development has angered the black managers who are also planning to take action against the white.

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