Peoples Party Not To Have A Presidential Candidate in 2019 Elections: To Enter Into An Alliance With MCP

No PP candidate in 2019 elections

Shortest former ruling party in the history of Malawi, the Peoples Party of fugitive and shortest serving Malawi President Joyce Banda will not front a candidate in the coming general elections, slated for 2019. Malawi Independent has learnt.

According to sources closed to former President Joyce Banda, the party feels that it has no candidate who can compete and outsmart the incumbent President Prof.Arthur Peter Mutharika, taking into consideration that Joyce Banda came third in the previous elections despite the fact that she was in power and using state resources for her campaign.

As that is not enough, Peoples Party founder Joyce Banda feels that she was betrayed by her own people and those she trusted for not telling her the truth that she was not the Peoples favorite hence not taking a risk for the second time.

Banda is on record to have told the interim PP President Uladi Mussa and others in the Peoples Party that come 2019, the best which Peoples Party should do is enter into an alliance with Malawi Congress Party by giving support to the candidate that the Malawi oldest party will front.

Talks are underway between Banda and Chakwera on how best the two political parties can work together to unseat the incumbent Peter Mutharika and kick ruling DPP out of power.

This arrangement has not gone well with some people in both MCP and PP camps who are against the alliance and they have vowed to quit the party and opt for another party but not the PP-MCP alliance, which they have described as mission impossible and may fuel further divisions in both MCP and PP , the party’s have been marred by internal squabbles for the time being .

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