Msowoya Dares Sidik Mia: ‘Its Only Convention To Decide MCP Candidates’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) vice president Richard Msowoya has reacted to reports linking  Sidik Mia to join MCP with an intention of being a running mate to party president Lazarous Chakwera.

MCP Vice President. Richard Msowoya : I am unmoved

Mia has openedly expressed interested in contesting for the position of vice president of the country and hinted he is joing MCP.

But Msowoya, who is Speaker of Parliament, and was picked by Chakwera as his runningmate in 2014, said he is unmoved with Mia’s ambitions.

He said “only convention decides on candidates”, saying it is not wrong to aspire but caution should be exercised “to avoid disappointments.”

“My fellow MCP diehards, a coin like K5 makes a lot of noise when it is thrown into the plate but a banknore like K2 000 will never make noise. Now which one would you opt to receive if given a chance to do so,” said Msowoya at Chintheche in Nkhatabay at a political rally.

Msowoya said MCP has an open door policy and the party is welcoming them.

He, however, said “you can be big and dream in colour, it is good but no one elects himself or herself its the party structures.”

Msowoya said he has served Chakwera and the party well with dedication and loyalty.

MCP is the largest opposition party in Malawi and its president Lazarous Chakwera is the leader of the opposition in parliament.

Mia is the Shire Valley king pin, therefore, he is expected to bring lots of votes and MPs to MCP come the 2019 elections.

But political commentator Emily Mkamanga warns that  MCP would lose a lot by abandoning Msowoya.

Mkamnga said what  Chakwera should know is that “in the Northern Region people vote as a cohesive block. Due to the very poor performance of the DPP led government, the people in the North are likely to vote for MCP. This can be more so if Msowoya remains as the running mate and Veep for the party.Failing which MCP will lose the support from the regions.!

Meanwhile,  Mkamanga said if  Mia is putting MCP to ramson that he can only join the party as a running mate, it will  weaken the party as members start dancing to the tune of individuals.

“Furthermore, it gives bad precedence. Next time it might be another person wanting to join MCP only as a party treasurer then the list goes on.”

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