‘You Are Too Small To Ask Me To Resign’:Kaliwo Challenges MCP Law Makers

Secretary General of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Gustave Kaliwo has challenged Malawi Congress Party law makers that they are too small to tell him to resign or risk being fired by party president Lazarus Chakwera,saying he is not shaken and their wishful thinking will yield no fruit.

The call to resign was made by MCP legislators during a news conference at the party National Headquarters in Lilongwe on Monday.

They  said Kaliwo’s calls for an unconstitutional convention in July to resolve concerns raised by some former district and regional chairpersons means he is now a “dead man walking” in the party.

Reacting to the call for resignations, Kaliwo tried to reassert his shattered authority, saying he will stay put.

Kaliwo, a lawyer by profession, said he will not withdraw his membership of  MCP and cannot be forced out.

He challenged that unless MCP president Chakwera who appointed him, decided to grind the axe he will not resign.

They know the party’s constitution right which leads to someone being fired or told to resign.

“I cannot resign,” said Kaliwo.

His  stand has been met with anger, with one MP warning that MCP will make Kaliwo’s  position untenable.

Kaliwo is under fire for  insisting on having a convention from 7th to 9th July in the Eastern Region with members on parallel rank and file  and even though the legitimate MCP officials argues that the call is unconstitutional and lacks the blessings from the national executive committee (NEC).

He  is proven he can tough it out against the plot to fire him.


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