LL City Officials,Residents Call For The Impeachment Of Mayor Bikoko For Incompetence,Insulting Officials

Angry officicials abd Lilongwe residents have called the council to move a motion and impeach the just crowned Mayor Desmond Bikoko for his lack of knowledge of how the Council is run and for his personal attacks on council secretariat staff.

The mayor is being accused to have demonstrated lack of understanding of the council matters through his persistent self posturing as an executive mayor instead of a ceremonial mayor that Malawi has.

“Iam very disappointed in this man,” said Caiphas Malonda a businessman in Lilongwe.

“As a Mayor his work is to source partnership to work with the secretariat and not antagonizing the secretariat that has operational mandate,” he said.

Two days ago, the Chief Executive Officer of Lilongwe City Moza Zeleza proceeded on forced leave until the local government investigated what it termed as “misconduct” on part of the the CEO.

However, this decision seemed to have been orchestrated by a ” bag of lies” that was piled in the Mayor’s letter to Principal Secretary for Local Government.

In his letter to the PS, the Mayor seem to be personal, use scathing attacks on CEOs persona and fails to substantiate his allegations against the embattled CEO.

“Mr. Moza is a great orator and verbally convincing with little to show for on the ground,” writes Bikoko in the letter dated May 11, 2017.

Local Government Finance Committee official laughed out Bikoko’s letter describing it as childing and show of lack of knowledge.

“The CEO submits all financials here are per standards. He has no mandate to submit them elsewhere. The CEO has no direct control of road construction funds nor the street lights projects.

These are being done by the Roads Fund, direct financiers of the projects,” said the official who opted for anonymity.

Meanwhile councillors are holding parallel meetings led by MPs in the City to oust Bikoko and elect Akwame Bandawe whom they think can spearhead the development in the City.

“Bikoko is a waste of time, bickering like a child and emotional and rude, we want a new Mayor,” said one councillor.

Currently, the City Council staff are on a strike demanding action on the Mayor for his embarrassing conduct.

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