Ex-Crooked PRO For Bushiri Dry Cleaned By Once Close Friends:We Have Evidence To Nail Him Down

When a self-described lion keeps vibrating back and forth between a hiding cave and a battle ground, analyse its anatomy and see if it is what it is. You may be looking at a jumping goat with too many fur around its head.

Firstly, I would like to make it clear, for the sake of those who may think that I have, for no reason at all, just decided to pick a bone with Kelvin Sulugwe. At this point, it is worthwhile highlighting that him and I had been reasonably enjoying brotherhood since 2015. He introduced me to people who mean a lot in my life today and for that strong reason, I have always reserved adequate respect and love for him UNTIL HE HAS VOLUNTARILY CHOSEN TO SPOIL THE SAME.

For some issues, of which space is not available on this platform, the people whom he introduced me to, relieved him of his duties. We all sympathised with him and I, particulary, wished it was only happening in a dream. However, the relief was in how he, himself, welcomed the development. He managed to absorb the shock by appreciating that it was in the best interest of his employer.

I can testify here that, even after he was fired, his former employer was not mean with financial help whenever he could ask for it only that this time around, the sums of such generosity were not such that he could afford to pay the whole team of Malawi government’s State House team as “his salary could” back then.

Unlike him, his former employer has never been my employer at any point but I have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, the previlage of being his son whom he supports. When you look at LordDenning of today, he is very different with the LordDenning of 2015 backwards all curtsey of the generosity of this man of of God. He supports me the way a father supports his son and it is something which I cannot afford to take lightly. Naturally, to carry this gratitude, I love him so much so that I have huge reserves of loyalty for him.

When Kelvin surprised everybody, including himself, when he started perpetrating lies against this man of God with the clear purpose of injuring his legacy, my jaws were locked and I remained speechless. At this moment, Kelvin went about beaming propaganda-motivated lies that aimed at shooting him to the ground of shame. What he forgot to remember is that so many people and systems who are actually bigger than him have tried that before but to no avail.

He, most likely, overestimated the fact that he was one so close to the man of God. In his misguided fathom, he thought that riding on the already existing wave of hatred, by some quarters, would bake his lies into some imaginery truth.

As silent as I was, though nursing a mixture of sadness and disbilief inside myself, Kelvin confronted me through inbox (mpaka kunditukwana zamumkabudula). Perhaps he expected me to be by his side and ended being frustrated by seeing that my support was not coming forth. Who would support such stupidity anyway?

In the light of his voluntary confrontation, and in the light of his attacks on someone whom I reserve loyalty for, I have offered myself to give him what he is yearning for. It appears he is tired of living in harmony and peace. He ought to get what he is very much seeking. As usual, he is busy creating fake Facebook pages bearing the name of the man of God and post thereon fake stories so that he can be claiming provokation that would purpotedly justify his noising around while riding over the back of public sympathy.

He has been fighting himself in an imaginary war. I simply want to give him a practical fight and this marks its begining unless he apologizes to the one he has been daring.

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