Onjezani Kenani Tears Chakwera Apart,Stop Blaming DPP For Your Failures In MCP: Forget 2019 Elections

The in-fighting has become nasty.I know those leading Malawi’s oldest party have a default answer for dismissing any concerns they disagree with: “The discord is being sowed by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party.”

Those of us who hope for a strong democracy with a vibrant opposition don’t care about your default answer anymore.

Clean up this mess.How can all these people with concerns in your national executive committee be bad?

Do something.

If you think you will be a shoo-in in 2019, you are making a grave mistake.

You have to work for every vote. You have to sweat for it. You have to prove that you are fit to govern.

Sloganeering and publicly declaring allegiance to your president may look popular now, but in so far as it does not translate into votes, it’s much ado about nothing.

Worse, in 2019, you might come out with a shrunk party, with only a handful of MPs.

Perhaps only then will you realise the need to sort out the mess in a timely manner. A stitch in time saves nine, don’t they say?

Anyway, I know that anybody who speaks their mind on matters rocking your party are considered the enemy.

For the record, I don’t care. In any case, I am not a member of the party. I only wish that Malawi should have a vibrant opposition that is ready at all times to step in and lead.

At present, MCP is not ready to step in and lead. Unless you clear this mess pretty quick.

In Chitumbuka, we have a saying: Kauzganga nifwiti yayi, fwiti ntilinganenge.

Yours faithfully.

Onjezani Kenani

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