Sexual Parasite Kamlepo Kalua Smoked Out Of Hideout:Staying At Harry Mkandawire’s House

Libidinous Rumphi East parliamentarian Kamlepo Kalua whose family claimed was missing and in hiding while he was in a sex jamboree at Guliver in Area 49 ,has finally sneaked away from the  concubine’s residence, for fear of being put to shame and exposed after this publication carried out a story, exposing what Kalua was doing at a time that the nation was meant to believe that he was running away for fear of his life.

Kamlepo Kalua who went missing last weekend has been spending some quality time with his sex mate in the capital Lilongwe until yesterday , when our investigative journalist uncovered the evil intentions which Kamlepo Kalua had against the DPP led  government, to tarnish its image that he was in hiding following some people who were after his life.

Following the exposure  this publication made on Kamlepo Kalua, we can confidently reveal that Kalua fled the Sexual hideout and drove to Mzuzu city, where he found a shelter at the house of fellow Peoples Party parliamentarian and business tycoon Harry Mkandawire.

This has been done to cover up for the shame Kamlepo Kalua has been put in, so that he must lie to the nation that he was hiding at Mkandawires place, trying to run away from the shame that he was enjoying sex outside of his wedlock with another city girl in Lilongwe.

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