Kamlepo Kalua Not In Hidding,Missing:Enjoying ‘Sex’ At Side Chick’s House In Area 49

Kamlepo Kalua who some misguided individuals reported as missing in an attempt to gain public sympathy, following the raid that MRA had on his house and the summon which he got from Police Headquarters is indeed hidding from his wife for reasons better not to himself, and enjoying sex at one of his girl friends in Guliver,Area 49 in Lilongwe.

According to information we have gathered, Kamlepo Kalua is reportdly to have  last spoken to his family last weekend and his family has been worried, that he went missing.

But truth of the matter is that Kamlepo Kalua was never and is never in hidding or missing, he only used this opportunity to satisfy his libidinous ways, by spending all these days at a concubine, owing to the fact that his family, political friends and the nation  will believe that he is running away from political persecution and thugs .

Kamlepo Kalua plan was to be seen in the public when Parliament resumes to enjoy his immunity  but this failed to materialize as he was seen yesterday moving around town.

What Kamlepo Kalua has done is unacceptable as its a conduct likey to cause breach of peace.



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