‘Devil In Custody’: No Crocodile Tears For Kumpukwe -PP Followers Happy With Her Arrest

Forget everything that you see people writing on social media and discussing in public fora claiming to be siding with the Devil in custody Cecilia Kumpukwe. The truth of the matter is that most people who were close to Joyce Banda and faced the wrath of Cecilia Kumpukwe, the evil woman who was most powerful and feared during the reign of Joyce Banda are happy that she is finnaly in the coolers and they curse the police for taking this long to have her arrested so that they may be relieved.

‘The Devil is in police custody’.That’s the saying among the Peoples Party circles refering to Cecilia Kumpukwe who during Joyce Banda reign as acting president , Mrs Cecilia Kumpukwe and her sister Joyce Banda with people like Ephraim Chibunde and Lawrence Mpofu celebrated over incarceration of Ralph Kasambara and plotted evil against now President Peter Mutharika, Davie Namusanya and Justice Mponda on cooked up charges.

It was Joyce Banda herself and now the devil in custody Cecilia Kumpukwe who made sure that Kasambara was kept away from his family by locking him at Kanengo Police Station.This is the woman who stratergized the evils that Peoples Party did to innocent Malawians.

Fast forward to three years later in 2017 after Joyce Banda lost the elections and run away from Malawi.Who ever thought that the powerful Kumpukwe, the grand archtech of evils in her sisters rule could spend a night at the same place they had thrown Ralph Kasambara SC?

People tend to fool each other and give one another false hopes and morale but when the law finds you in the wrong side of it, it is you alone who suffer and all those who were close to you run away.

I witnesses the uncontrollable cry of Cecilia Kumpukwe when she was taken to Kanengo Police.The woman is such a coward and people only who make noise on facebook wish they saw the baby Kumpukwe crying as if she was not that woman who plotted evil when powers were wrongly in their hands.

The only difference with Kumpukwe and those who suffered their regime like the likes of Davie Namusanya, Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika, Justice Mponda and Ralph Kasambara to mention but afew was that these people were brave enough and they did not cry like a baby as Mrs Kumpukwe is doing.

When selected Peoples Party officials who sided with this devilish woman when the ret of PP officials are suffering visited her,many could not believe to to see a grandmother who was untouchable during her sister two-year acting reign shedding tears like rainfall.

Now both both Mrs kumpukwe and Ralph Kasambara are sleeping on the floor.She has tasted the fruits of her selfishness, own evil and making.

Who said karma is a bitch was very right. Welcome to the world of realities the Devil in custody.Let the law do its course.If you are innocent Mrs . Kumpukwe, surely one day you will be vindicated but if not, do not deceive yourself that this is a political arrest and all those you wined and dinned with will run away from you.

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