Cash Gate Embecile Joyce Banda Was Better Placed To Die Instead Of Robson Chirwa-Rev Munthali

Reverend Maurice Munthali has come up in the open to be the first member of the clergy to openly say if he was given a chance and powers to choose who should die,he would rather choose husband snatcher ,corrupt, cash gate mafioso , imbecile and mastermind Joyce Banda to die in replacement of patriots and statesmen like fallen politician Robson Watayachanga Chirwa

The Livingstonia CCAP Synod clergy was speaking on Thursday at the funeral of veteran politician and patriot Robson Watayachanga Chirwa.

“If it were possible that we choose who should die, I would personally have asked God to spare Robson Chirwa and get corrupt and greedy politicians like Joyce Banda who robbed Malawians billions in a space of a year to die,” He said.

Munthali said death was evil to take away Chirwa who despite being an influential minister during Kamuzu Banda regime, he lived a humble life and did not loot public resources as the case was with Joyce Banda and her cronies, saying God would have taken the greedy former President Banda first for bringing misery to impoverished Malawians and leaving the country at its knees economically before she fled the country.

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