APM Tours Area 43 Road Project:Commends MDF For Constructing A High Standard Road

Hard working and dedicated Malawi President, Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika has commended the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldiers for constructing a high standard road in the capital’s low destiny Area 43.

President Mutharika was speaking when he toured the road on his way from Kanengo where he had gone to open the 2017 tobacco Market season.

“I am very much impressed with the quality of this road, this is what I have been saying so many times that we need to give experienced people such projects in order to have a longer road lifespan as well as contribute to the progress of infrastructural development, by not wasting money to reconstruct poor standard roads which gets damaged even in less that months after their completion.”Said Mutharika.

Mutharika warned some officials who give contracts to people who are not qualified to construct proper roads in a corrupt manner that they will be taken to book as this costs Malawi government a lot.

MDF officer responsible for the engineering section briefed Mutharika on the proposed road plans the Malawi Defense Force wants to construct in Lilongwe town in the near future as will as highlighting some of the challenges that contribute to urban flooding and faced during road construction.

Mutharika was in the company of the country’s vice President,Saulos Klaus Chilim and other government officials.

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