APM’ Triumphant Entry In LL Shocks Opposition, Central Region No More MCP Political Bedroom

Malawians residing in Lilongwe brought business to a standstill in the capital city on Monday afternoon, as the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters accorded their leader Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika fondly known by the brand APM, who is also the country’s President a historical triumphant entry in opposition Malawi Congress Party’s political bedroom,breaking a record of being the first President-politician in the history of Malawi to be welcomed in the city in such a style.

Mutharika who was coming from Blantyre where he had gone for official engagements was in a jovial mood, sending strong message to other politicians and opposition parties that they must brace tough times ahead because when campaign starts, DPP will come with fireworks and is geared to carry the day again the in the 2019 elections.

Malawi President also took this time to remind Malawians of development projects that his government is undertaking across the country.

The motorcade welcoming Mutharika started from Nathenje along the M1 road and went all the way to Biwi Triangle where there was a mini rally before the procession continued to Mchinji Round about via Kamuzu Procession Road, Mutharika convoy cruised past the other cars at Mbowe Filing Station but the happy DPP warriors followed the convoy until Mutharika entered the gates of State House-Kamuzu Palace.

The same setting took place when Mutharika was going to Blantyre sparking and there were mixed reaction, with others saying Blantyre is the DPP stronghold.

Mutharika’s entry in Lilongwe has proven critics wrong and sending a shocker to opposition Malawi Congress Party that DPP is hitting them hard in their own political backyard.

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