Kamlepo ‘Smago’ Kalua Caught Pants Down :His Trucks Impounded In An Act Of Smuggling Maize To Tanzania

Rumphi East parliamentarian who is also a top official in former two years ruling People Party Kamlepo Kalua has been exposed to be a hypocrite who does not walk the talk and is among the people who are smuggling maize from Malawi To Tanzania.

Following an order which President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika made empowering the Malawi Defense Force to apprehend all those in the smuggling of maize.

Fresh revelations have it that Kamlepo Kalua is among the culprits, whose trucks have been impounded and implicated in the malpractice.

According to sources, Kamlepo Kalua trucks and others which are connected to him were caught in the northern region, trying to illegaly transport over 600 tones of maize to Tanzania where the maize could be sold.

Kalua was not available on his 0888335754 line when Malawi Independent wanted to have an interview with him as his phones went unanswered.

Malawi is said to be having huge stalks of maize this year and politicians like Kalua have been illegally exporting maize to foreign countries that have been hit by hunger.

The Malawi staple food is said to be selling well in Burundi at an equivalent of about K525 per kilogramme, South Sudan at K450. Prices are also said to be well in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda at an average of about K277.

In Malawi, maize is currently selling around K250 per kilogramme. President Peter Mutharika has directed that all vehicles smuggling maize out of Malawi be impounded to avoid creating maize scarcity and hunger in the country.

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