MCP Finances Tereza Ndanga To Bribe Journalists In The Coming MISA-Mw Elections

As the count down to Misa-Malawi elections continues, reports reaching us indicate that one of the contestants for the Misa presidency Theresa Ndanga who is Director of News at ZBS is bribing reporters to vote for her using money she is getting from MCP.

Ndanga is reported to have pocketed MK5 million from MCP which was given to her by Deputy Secretary General of MCP Eisenhower Mkaka for campaign. She has been traveling nation-wide meeting reporters from districts and paying for their Misa-Malawi membership and giving them money as bribes as long as they commit to vote for her on May 6, the elections date.

Ndanga has also been promising some reporters jobs at ZBS.

Meanwhile at ZBS she has been threating some of the junior reporters to rally behind her or face dismissals.

MCP believes that by ushering Ndanga into the Misa-Malalawi office, the organisation will be critical of government to their advantage.

At ZBS, Ndanga gets a gross salary of not more than K500,000 and going by the money she is splashing it is indeed evident that there is a hand behind her campaign.

Her team has also been concocting wild accusations against one of the contestants Frank Phiri accusing him of being funded by the ruling DPP without substantiating their claims.

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