Chidanti Gate:Hypocrite Malunga,Fellow MP’s Milk LLw Waterboard K 9mn In Allowances

They are at the forefront of accusing government of financial impropriety but Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture chair Joseph Chidanti-Malunga and his bunch of MPs are just a very bad example in financial prudence.

Malunga and his committee have shot from the blues and started pressing for a familiarisation tour of the mega Lake Malawi-Lilongwe Water Project which has been hitting headlines in the past weeks.

This publication can reveal however that Malunga and his team have another motive which is to enrich themselves. They have demanded over K9 million in allowances from Lilongwe Water Board for the exercise.

The document which gives a breakdown of the details of the allowances show that Malunga himself will pocket the highest amount at K714,146 for three nights. This include accommodation allowances and for fuel covering a distance of 540 kilometres.

There are 20 MPs on the list and will together drain a total of K9,393,645.72 from Lilongwe Water Board.

Malawi Independent can also reveal that the Lilongwe Water Board proposed that the MPs should carry out the exercise while Parliament is meeting in Lilongwe during the budget sitting as a cost cutting measure but Chidanti-Malunga and his committee of greedy MPs have shot down the proposal.

The $350 million water project will tap water from Lake Malawi and supply Lilongwe City and the surrounding areas.

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