Chakwera Instruct MCP Thugs To Beat Up Councillor Kadammanja For Being Felix Jumbe’s Sympathiser

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader Lazarus Chakwera who is former leader of Assemblies of God church in Malawi on Sunday instructed MCP thugs to beat up one of MCP Councillors in Salima.

According to an eye witness. Chakwera told MCP youths who were present at the rally his party organised to assault councilor Richard Kadammanja ,formerly chair of Salima district council at a rally which was held at Nsalura School ground.

Chakwera is bitter with Kadammanja who is very close to Salima Central parliamentarian Felix Jumbe, a fierce critic of Chakwera’s poor leadership of the party.

“These people came from nowhere when I was talking to some friends while waiting for President Lazarus Chakwera to arrive at the venue. They called me supporter of kholokolo and started hauling insults on me.
My friends moved away from me and the youth descended upon me beating me up and tearing my clothes. I have reported the issue to Salima Police and was treated as an outpatient as the district hospital,” Kadammanja narrated his ordeal.

Chakwera was in Salima to attend the welcome ceremony of Reverend Katani Mwale of the Church of Central African Presbytery – CCAP, who is now the resident pastor for Nsalura CCAP church.

During the church ceremony, it was all peaceful with Chakwera himself seated right next to Felix Jumbe the “kholokolo”and sharing the pulpit in welcoming the seasoned clergyman.

Jumbe and Chakwera fell out right after the former was fired as committee chair for the agriculture committee in parliament and he has seen been fired from the party entirely and moved to the independent benches in the august house.

Kadammanja was very outspoken during the time Jumbe was tussling with Chakwera in favour of the fired parliamentarian. This did not amuse many and the regional committee for the Lake Shore in the party has for a long time criticized his stance and warned him of disciplinary action.

His beating would be seen to many as a result of his support for Jumbe hence the kholokolo jibe when he was parking his vehicle.

No one has been arrested in connection with incident but police reports indicate that a list of suspects has been drawn from the victims statement.

The MCP is well known for terrorising and killing its opponents in the 31 years it ruled Malawi. Malawians had expected that with the coming in of multiparty the MCP was to change but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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