Blackouts To Be History Before 2019: APM Govt Committed To End Power Outages


Three heavy duty generators and one reactor, each weighing 60 tonnes arrived in the country on Sunday raising hopes that the Phombeya power sub-station could be completed on time.

The transformers and reactor, each valued at $2 million were designed and manufactured in India and entered Malawi through Mwanza Border.

The 400 KV Phombeya power sub-station is one of the fruits of the $350.7 million power compact being implemented in the country by the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Malawi.

To Be Completed Soon

MCA-Malawi engineer, Victor Munthali, said the arrival of the consignment is a significant step in the process of constructing the sub-station.

The power from Phombeya will be taken out to Nkhoma in Lilongwe through Golomoti to supply the Central Region and equally to the Northern Region, through Chintheche.

The construction of the Phombeya sub-stations, alongside two other sub-stations, comes ahead of the Malawi- Mozambique power interconnection project likely to materialise by 2020.

“This is a sub-station for the future. It will help receive power from Mozambique as part of the interconnector. It will also help distribute the power to other areas of the country,” Munthali said.

The contractor, an Indian firm, Larsen and Turbo Power Transmission and Distribution Limited, said the project is on course for completion in November, 2017.

The three transformers and reactor were brought into the country by logistics giant, Bol l o re Logistics. Bollore Logistics Malawi, Commercial Manager, Richard Chikalipo, said the bringing in of such a bulky consignment without any problems demonstrate the company’s capability in handling bulky cargo. Chikalipo said his firm which has an extensive network across the world is better placed to handle imports and exports to all the regions of the globe.

“We are happy today to deliver the consignment to the contractor, Larsen and Turbo. This clearly demonstrates that we are a giant in the logistics business,” said Chikalipo. (The Daily Times)

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