Msonda Calls PP A Dead Briefcase Party Without A Vision: Says JB Lost Elections As She Was Not Fit To Rule

Peoples Party former publicity secretary Ken Msonda who recently dumped the former ruling party to join the current ruling Democratic Progressive Party has spoken for the first time at a public rally, giving a hint why Joyce Banda who abandoned her people after she lost the elections found herself in the state she is today.

Outspoken Msonda claimed that Peoples Party is almost dead with it’s clueless leadership and lack of vision which has seen many people dumping the party,saying it lacks a driver to stir it in the right direction.

He made the remarks during a political rally DPP southern region team organized at Ndirande on Sunday afternoon in Blantyre.

Clad in DPP’s colors of blue and white, Msonda claimed Joyce Banda and the party lost during 2014 Tripartite Elections due to, among others, failure to prepare and lack of structures.

“This is the question people have been asking, and today I will answer it. Why PP lost the elections? There are three reasons to that question,” said Msonda amidst applauses by DPP supporters.

“PP was not prepared to rule Malawi, it got into government by accident. Another reason is that soon we took over government we all went into celebration mood; we only focused on enjoying the benefits of being in government forgetting elections were around the corner.”

Msonda branded PP as a briefcase party that has no structures unlike the DPP which he said is more organized.

DPP regional governor for the south, Charles Mchacha urged the party supporters to be united and described the gathering as one of the rallies the party is set to hold across the country.

Mchacha warned opposition political parties to stop dreaming of ruling this country at a certain point in time, arguing only DPP has the will of Malawians at heart.

The rally attracted some DPP top officials including national youth director, Louis Ngalande, Minister of Health, Peter Kumpalume, Minister of Labour, Henry Mussa, Parliamentarians Allan Ngumuya and Aaron Sangala. Other notable faces included Davis Katsonga, Blantyre City Mayor, councilor Wild Ndipo.

Also in attendance were Paramount Chief Lundu, Paramount Chief Kapeni, and Chief Machinjiri among other traditional leaders.

Paramount Lundu warned traditional leaders of working against government by siding with opposition, warning traditional leaders do not need to play double-standards.

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