APM Govt Has Done Tremendous Work On Road Development Projects Country Wide

Kudos to President Prof.Arthur Peter Mutharika for a commendable work that his government has done on road development projects across the country since 2014 with information from the Nation Roads Authority showing that some of these road projects had failed to be initiated since Malawi got her independence in 1964, and it is the leadership of Arthur Peter Mutharika which has made this dream come true.

In the run to 2014 general elections, the then Peter Mutharika who was Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate in his manifesto, promised that if elected into power, his government would make sure that the roads network in the country would be improved with construction of new roads and rehabilitating some, to ease transportation and enhance trade.

Fast forward to 2017. President Peter Mutharika and the DPP leadership has lived to its word, there are many projects which have taken place in the country and the major ones are as follows:

  • 92km Thyolo – Makwasa – Thekerani – Makhanga Road
  • 102km Zomba – Jali – Phalombe – Chitakale Road
  • 95km Lilongwe Old Airport – Kwanyanda – Santhe/Kasiya Spur Road
  • 45km Rehabilitation of Mzuzu – Nkhatabay Road
  • 75km Rehabilitation of Liwonde – Mangochi Road
  • 59km upgrading of Thabwa – Chitseko – Seveni Road
  • 11km Blantyre – Zomba End Sections
  • 97km Chiringa – Chiradzulu Road (Milepa – Chiradzulu-PIM– Nguludi section)
  • 53km Jenda – Edingeni Road
    • 100km Njakwa – Livingstonia Road.

This is no small achievement, President Mutharika has done wonders at a time that Malawi is being run without 40 percent of the donor support which she used to have for so many years, yet such development projects failed to take place.

These roads are not for DPP followers but will be useful to all Malawians and ease transportation problems which people travelling to such areas were facing.

Politics aside, Mutharika deserve to be hailed for such achievements.

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