Former DPP Ishmael Wadi School Malawians: Don’t Blame President Peter Mutharika On Everything

Former Director of Public Prosecution Ishmael Wadi says Malawians should not blame President Peter Mutharika for the ailing economy, saying everyone has a role to play toe ensure recovery.

Writing on his Facebook, Wadi noted that its now a habit that everyone can criticise government and its President even if they lose their money at casino.

“I have heard so much criticism against the President to the extent that I feel now the trend is gone bad to what appears to be developing as a new paradigm, – blame everything on the President. Even one working class that blew off his money at the casino and went home without a loaf of bread had a good standing defence. If you are one of those in the new paradigm, then be admonished that you are on a suicide mission without knowing,” argued Wadi.

Wadi says blaming others deprives opportunity to deal with issues effectively.

“To blame is tantamount to running away from finding solutions to the problem. Such an approach only increase chances of individual failures if not total collapse,” Wadi pointed out.

Wadi further argues: “This country has gone through two major disasters in the past three years. Firstly it’s the cashgate and secondly it’s food shortage. Just like an individual or a company if you have suffered theft of such great magnitude, expect the effects to be felt for a considerable time. We are currently undergoing the hardship directly as a result of these two major catastrophes plus other factors.”

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