Malawi Sports Minister Mussa Cheers Sick Emma Mzagada: Calls for insurance of players

More support continue to trickle to former netball star Emma Mzagada who has been sick for over five years now with Minister of Labor, youth, sports and manpower development Henry Mussa the latest to offer the support.

Mussa paid a visit to the former hero at her home in Chilomoni township in Blantyre.

Speaking to reporters after cheering Mzagada, Mussa said he felt it was necessary to visit the former hero for what she did to the nation during her playing days.

” I am happy to have interacted with Emma and her family. I am happy because I have been told that her condition is changing.

“Emma is a legend and deserve our support. Soon, I will discuss with NAM officials on the way forward and hope to return,”said Mussa.

Mussa then appealed to sports association and clubs in the country to insure their athletes to avoid such scenarios.

He said it is unfortunate that most associations do not value the welfare of athletes in the country.

” It’s very unfortunate that our sports associations and clubs do not insure their athletes.

“I said it from the beginning that I want to turn our sports industry into real business so that our athletes start ripping the benefits of their talents. Let me appeal to the National sports council to champion this task,” said Mussa.

During the visit, Mussa donated K200,000tto Mzagada but promised to return soon.

According to family members, the former netball hero needs close to K1.5 million kwacha to undergo surgery at Beit Cure International Hospital.

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