Chakwera Sponsored Demos Flop, Fails To Turn To Lead His Revolt As Malawians Say In APM They Trust

The Demonstrations which were sponsored by leader of opposition Lazarus CHakwera, who is the President of MCP, a party that will never bounce back into power have flopped, with only Billy Mayaya and Trapence being the ones who turned up.

This has forced Mayaya and his friends to circulate a message saying the demonstration have been postponed to a later date because Cedep and its partners have been receiving feedback from clergy, senior politicians like Lazarus Chakwera, from the other opposition Members like Kamulepo Kaluwa as a way of running away from the shame.

It is reported that Mayaya pocketed Mk 20 million from Chakwera to organize the demos but instead of being transparent and accountable to his friends, Mayaya only presented K 10 million to the other organisers, a development which has angered them.

People have also denied to be used by Mayaya and Chakwera siting that they are okay with President Peter Mutharika administration and they trust the president and how he is developing Malawi.

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