MCP’s Juliana Lunguzi Father,Ex IG Stole Money, Malawi Police Materials To Build Resort,25 Bedroom Mansion, 10 Houses At Once

Former Inspector General of Police who was father to parliamentarian Juliana Lunguzi of Dedza is on record to have stolen millions of Kwacha from Malawi Police Service, and used the money to build a 25 roomed two stoley mansion in Salima.

According to sources who were close to former Inspector General of Police Mr. Mac Williams Lunguzi, using his powers stole a big chunk of building materials from the Malawi Police building department which he used to construct 5 houses for the Lunguzi sisters at Mua in Dedza, along the Salima M5 lakeshore road.

As that is not enough, Mr. Lunguzu abused his powers as the Czar of the Malawi Police when he stole building materials at a time Ntakataka Police Training school was being constructed, and these materials were used together with money and human resource from the police to construct Mlangeni Holiday Resort in Mangochi which is run by Juliana Lunguzi’s sister, Patricia.

One wonders as to why one Juliana Lunguzi wants to fool Malawians that she is holly and clean when it is a well known fact that all her life, she has benefitted from the corrupt ways and cash gate which her father started at Malawi Police service.

It is also on record that Mr. Lunguzi, the father of Juliana Lunguzi at this same time built 5 houses at Mcheneka village in Dedza, where her mother came from and you wonder how much Mr. Lunguzi as the CEO of Police earned from his job to have so much wealthy he accumulated within a short period of time.

Juliana Lunguzi is a good example of people who have reaped much from Malawians based on what her father did when he served in the police.

She is one of the beneficiaries of the abuse Mr. Lunguzi did at Malawi Police Service and she has no audacity to call others thieves when we all know that of Mr Lunguzi was alive today, for sure ACB could have already knocked on his doors to explain the source of his opulence.

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