Crooked Juliana Lunguzi Snatches Boy Lover From Best Friend Mariam Mdoko

The self acclaimed saint Juliana Lunguzi whose late father is being accused of stealing money and materials from Malawi Police for his projects has been exposed to have stolen a lover (man) from her once closest ally, Mariam.

Information gathered so far indicates that Juliana Lunguzi was a very close aide to Mariam Mdoko who works for Press Trust.

As friends, Mariam Mdoko introduced her boy lover Dr. Douglas Kalanda currently working as Country Representative of UNFPA in Sierra Leone to Juliana Lunguzi based on the trust and closeness between the true.

But had she known, Mariam Mdoko could not dare introduce Douglas Kalanda to Juliana Lunguzi who has now snatched the man from her.

Kalanda comes from Dedza where Juliana also hails from and the two are in a steamy relationship, after Juliana managed to stole him from best friend mariam.

Mariam Mdoko and Juliana Lunguzi are now not in talking terms after Juliana Lunguzi betrayed the trust which her friend Mariam had upon her.

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