Fred Kalonga Captured RBM Video, Leaked To Brother Felix Against Central Banks Ethics

Malawi Independent investigations have revealed that Mr. Fred Kalonga who works for Reserve Bank of Malawi, as a Statistical Assistant-Imports Monitoring and a chewa by tribe is the man behind the video which has gone viral,showing stacks of money inside the Reserve Bank and exposing ACB officials who carried the operation at the house of George Chaponda, where millions were discovered.

According to an intercepted watsapp chat which Malawi Independent has seen, Fred Kalonga is on record to be giving his brother Felix Kalonga minute by minute update of what was happening at RBM, contrary to the ethics of the central Banks.

This comes barely few days after another employ of Reserve Bank leaked a payroll for First Merchant Bank (FMB).

Here is the verbatim between the Kalongas:

[2/21, 16:33] Fred Kalonga: Meanwhile cash found at Chapondas house is being banked at the RBM counter in LL…. [2/21, 16:34] ‪+265 888 38 28 78‬: Counter number please?
[2/21, 16:36] Fred Kalonga: Let me get a picture koma achitetezo akutipilikitsa…
[2/21, 16:36] Fred Kalonga: Like 5 suitcases
[2/21, 16:36] Fred Kalonga: In different currencies
[2/21, 16:37] Fred Kalonga: Noone loves this country

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